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With Krave, SHIFFT and DOX bring an escape from the everyday in a banging, hypnotic but temporary experience.


An intense hunger for coming together, that’s Krave. Seven dancers meet in a last-ditch effort to break free from the world around them. From a compelling society which will always asks for more. Despite their differences, they crave contact, a way to merge. However fleeting or temporary.

Krave is a physical performance in which bodies scream, rave, collide and entwine. In which all seasons pass in one night. An experience in which  souls merge until an elated crowd remains with only one fear: facing the approaching morning.

With Krave, SHIFFT and DOX bring an escape in a banging, hypnotic but temporary experience.


SHIFFT is the Utrecht based dance company of choreographer Jasper van Luijk. The power of the work lies in the principle of encounter; between artists and audiences, between dance and other art disciplines and the force-field which moves amongst all those entities. DOX makes multidisciplinary theatre productions, and is a breeding ground for young, culturally diverse talent in the performing arts arena. Jasper van Luijk previously worked with DOX in the performer talent development trajectory ‘DOX Clubs’.


Concept and choreography: Jasper van Luijk | Dance: Lo Walther Boer, Terencio Douw, Liel Fibak, Pauline Briguet, e.a. | Music: Abdelhadi Baaddi | Dramaturgy: Isabel Meloen | Production: SHIFFT / Jasper van Luijk & DOX

Duration: 60 min.

With thanks to:

Gemeente Utrecht, Fonds Podiumkunsten