03-04-2020 t/m 18-06-2020

SHOT 2.0

SHOT is a relentless game between dancer and photographer, a dance search for their inexhaustible addiction to images.

Photography is everywhere

SHOT investigates how contemporary visual culture influences the way we look. Lifesize live photos of dancer Robin Nimanong are fired at the audience and show a unique perspective on the relationship between him and photographer Menno van der Meulen. Who has the power over the image created?, the photographer who determines the perspective, or the dancer who can offer and take it away? And how does this constant power game influence the relationship between these people?

SHOT takes you into a world where photography becomes physical


"Van Luijk creates sharp frames and then cuts his scenes radically, like the edge of a photo. Just as ruthless as shooting in black and white "- Lisa Reinheimer

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Concept & choreography: Jasper van Luijk | Dance and performance: Robin Nimanong & Menno van der Meulen | Scenography: Yannick Verweij | Dramaturgy: Isabel Meloen | Costumes: Asalia Khadjé | Music: Various artists Duration: 60 minutes

SHOT is a SHIFFT production in collaboration with Korzo Producties.
SHOT is supported by: The municipality of Utrecht, Fonds21, Prins Berhnard Cultuurfonds, BNG Cultuurfonds, ArtEZ Hogeschool voor de Kunsten