26-09-2019 t/m 18-12-2019


Photography is everywhere. We are the online curators of our own visual identity. How does our current visual culture influence the way we see each other and ourselves?

SHOT is a choreography about our addiction to image-culture. A piece about instant gratification and power constructs between a photographer and his subject. Who controls the images which are produced during the performance; the photographer who determines the perspective? Or the dancer who can offer new situations, but also swiftly change his relation to the lens? A dynamic photo choreography with a jazzy soundtrack, where photography becomes physical.

Concept: Jasper van Luijk | Choreography: Jasper van Luijk & Christian Yav | Performance: Christian Yav & Menno van der Meulen | Scenography: Yannick Verweij | Dramaturgy: Isabel Meloen | Music: King Krule a.o. | Duration: 60 minutes

SHOT is a production of SHIFFT in collaboration with Korzo Productions