30-10-2015 t/m 01-09-2016


Those who dream of time-travel sometimes forget that their own lives are a journey through time.  In Yonder, performer Jefta Tanate places one man’s life story alongside time.

Yonder is a co-production with De Nieuwe Oost

Yonder is a solo for dancer Jefta Tanate and a light-installation; a work on the inevitable ralationship between man(kind) and time.
Many people dream about traveling in time. But isn’t our whole existence one long journey trough time? Yonder is a search for the beginning and the end of time within the lifecycle of one man. Dancer Jefta Tanate questions time and its meaning. The work challenges the audience to escape from every day life and surrender to a timeless spatial experience.


Mirjam van der Linden

Jasper van Luijk with Yonder delivers a subdued but intriguing and powerful work ****

De Volkskrant