Jasper van Luijk & Lisa Donia

Board of Governance
Jolanda Spoel
Marie-José Cools
Loes Soons
Vikash Sewkaransing
Jonathan Offereins

Marketing & PR
Daphne de Groot

Sacha Schemkes

Technical Support
Marianne van Andel
Marcel Slagter

Isabel Meloen

Eve Hopkins, Wies Merkx, Brigitte de Goeij

SHIFFT is a project based foundation, this implies that appropriate funding is sought after for each individual project.
The board of governance and the direction of SHIFFT accurately follow the Code Cultural Governance (NL)
SHIFFT aims to pay it’s employees to her best effort according to the direction of the CAO Theater en Dans (NL).

We have received funding and support for our activities up till now by: