About us

SHIFFT is a cross-disciplinary dance company and creative hub based in the heart of Utrecht. We are a young and ambitious company, dedicated firmly to the here and now. We aim to inspire artists and audiences, get together with them and offer them opportunities to grow. In addition to creating and producing cross-disciplinary shows, we organise a range of activities aimed at development, encounter and reflection. At SHIFFT  we strongly believe in exchange, commitment and impulse as key instruments to relate to the world around us and the artists that inspire us.

The work of artistic director and choreographer Jasper van Luijk is the life-blood of the company. Van Luijk’s shows reflect a strong engagement with human society and centre on the relationship between the physical body and the (theatre) space in which it is placed.

Van Luijk is always looking to connect with other art disciplines and current developments to turn every show into an immersive experience, allowing audiences to find their own way in to the work and freely associate. We believe that art is a dialogue with the ability to liberate our imagination  – both the artist’s and that of the spectator. In addition to Jasper van Luijk’s work, SHIFFT produces work by resident artists. Artists who share our passion for integrating different disciplines and exchanging their ideas and findings with an audience.


Open Studio's

We literally open our doors to invite the outside world in.
Our open studios are a place for encounter, exchange and engagement.
Around each of our productions and residencies we organise open studios that focus on encounter and critical reflection, offering audiences more than a unique behind-the-scenes look at the process. They can also contribute their thoughts and ideas to the creative process and the resulting shows. In addition to the open studios we organise talks relevant to the field of dance for professionals, partners, funds and the city.



Every season we invite a number of resident artists to stay at Palladio for a period of time. Artists we invite are interested in exploring exciting concepts with us and sharing their findings with an audience. Jasper van Luijk and Lisa Donia are on hand to offer coaching and support.