05-02-2018 t/m 04-03-2018

Artist in residence: Morning Mourning

Gradually it escapes him. He does not give in and neither gives up, he holds on tight.

How do we deal with an end? That’s what Morning, Mourning questions, whilst dragging a lifeless body through space, the work is either an endless journey or a hopeless attempt.

Choreography and execution: Marie Khatib-Shahidi, Youri Peters
Music: Carlos Ema
Light Design: Jasper van Luijk
Coaching: Lisa Donia & Jasper van Luijk

Part of the Artist in residence program

Morning Mourning is part of the artist in residence program by SHIFFT, where (young) makers are selected and given the opportunity to research, show and/or produce their work in Utrecht. Part of the program is finding ways and means to open up a dialogue between audience and maker to reinforce the way their work communicates. Each residency is made to fit in order to meet the artistic progress of every artist as well as possible.

For Morning Mourning SHIFFT organises public research showings and presentations at Monsteren, Theater Kikker, the Makersdag by Het Huis, Café Theater Festival and Stukafest Utrecht.

This residency is made possible thanks to the support of : Janivo Foundation, K.F. Hein Fund en Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Utrecht.