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Quite Discontinuous

After the successful tour in 2013, Quite Discontinuous returns this season.

In the performance, four dancers take you on a journey through two acts, one before and one after death.
The interpretation of the dancers is key: in the first part, scenes browse though an imaginary slow-motion carcrash, the silence of a hospital waiting room, or the comfort a partner might provide in times of need.

Death interrupts the show, in the second part we look at the relationships towards a deceased. Ways in which one can relate to an inanimate body, and ways in which death itself, triggers ways of dying.

“I held my breath. And thought of the verse What it is from the German poet Erich Fried. In which an individual innerly quarrels with himself about what exactly death is.
‘It is impossible / says the experience.’ And again and again the plaint sounds:
‘It is what it is / says love.’

– Loek Zonneveld, Theaterkrant 2013

Teaser Quite Discontinuous

Choreography: Jasper van Luijk | Performance: Ivan Ugrin / Gijs Hanegraaf, Malika Berney, Pauline Briguet, Winter Wieringa | Music: Lennart Siebers | Costume design: Asalia Khadjé | Dramaturgical guidance: Stella van Leeuwen | Light design: Marcel Slagter & Jasper van Luijk
| Publicity: Hedwig van der Zwaal | Production: Charlot van der Meer | Special thanks to:
The original cast & Dansateliers, Lisa Donia, Korzo, Camiel Corneille en Jeroen van Eekelen.

Quite Discontinuous is a SHIFFT production, in coproduction with De Nieuwe Oost

Quite Discontinuous
is made possible by Gemeente Utrecht & Elise Mathilde Fonds